Plaza Studio has gone through many transformations over the years.  
In August 2008 we started as Plaza de Anaya in a location in Tempe.  

In 2014 we changed our name to Plaza Studio and in 2015 we moved to an online retail shop.  

We are still very much a part of the community and do vending events quarterly.
( see our
Event link for more details)

The community and each of it's members are very important to us, this is why your testimonials mean so much to us!  

Thank you for all your kind words!   ~ Kimberly


Over the years we have received wonderful feedback we would like to share it with you.

Testimonies about Plaza Studio owner Kimberly
from both Plaza Studio and Mandala Success businesses.

I ordered a kohl container from Kimberly's ebay store. Due to some issues, I was concerned about using it for kohl and requested a return. Not only did I get a refund, but I was allowed to keep the container and given advice on how to cleans it. I still don't use it for kohl, however, I do use it for my oil based fragrance. The wand is perfect for applying just the right amount where I want it. The customer service can't be beat, Kimberly is incredibly sweet and friendly, and I will absolutely shop with Plaza Studio again.
Anja S. 1-19-2018

KrisThe Plaza Studio booth is always on my list of MUSTS when I'm at a belly dance event. I absolutely LOVE my earrings, pants, hip scarf, sari .. and gorgeous charcoals/bottles. I also revel in the prospect of getting to see the delightful Kimberly Hewitt. Stop by the Plaza Studio booth for an array of treasures and a chat with one of the most charming people you'll ever meet. Can't wait to see you at Amethyst, Kimberly!!! <3 <3 <3
Krisenna Z. 10-2-2017

Plaza. Ah yes, Plaza. What can I say that can express how wonderful of a company this is? Let's just put it this way, I wish I could just sign over all my paychecks to them and just have all the stuff. <3
Julia F. 12-2017

You're the BEST in the (bellydance) West
Stephanie B.  7-16-2017

I had I wonderful time shopping with Kim! We was super fun, amazing and able to help me put some brighter colors in my closet!! It was wonderful working with you Kim! She was very knowledgable, helpful and super bubbly totally awesome! So far best purchase of the year!!! Thank you!!! 
Amanda M 1-17-2016

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I can not thank you enough for your support, encouragement and friendship. I truly blessed to have you on my side to help me trust myself and help me see that I really can do it. I appreciate your thoughtfulness, patience and your hard work to help me succeed! 

Thank you!  Anita V L 3-3-2016

Kim is one of my favorite people! She has an energy and spirit that inspires and uplifts the people she touches!! A great teacher, leader and person...if you don't know her- you need to!!  Elaine B 12-8-2015

Kimberly is great to work with as a coach and advocate. She is energetic, innovative, and dedicated to marketing her client's businesses in a variety of ways. Social media savvy and a willingness to share tried and true methodology is an important part of what she brings to small business consulting. owners and artists who need that extra exposure to get to the next level can definitely benefit from her service. Layne K 11-16-2015

WOW! What can I say about Mandala Success and Kimberly? Too much to put into one review, for certain! Kimberly came to me when I was trying to get my business off of it's feet after losing a business partner. She has been awesome to work with. She has great ideas and helps me stay motivated and excited. One of the main things I have enjoyed about working with Mandala Success is that it is like having a business partner without the stress of another persons time demands. I have the freedom to do what I want in the way I want to do it, and have a sounding board at the same time. I HIGHLY recommend Mandala Success for you whether you have a new business or one that you are building. Bigger and better is what I am getting from this amazing relationship!Cindy d C 7-20-2015

Thank you so much for helping me become more motivated and focused with my small business, van Leeuwen Hair Designs. You have helped me with scheduling my work time and also my personal time. I'm happy to say that both worlds are starting to live happily together. It is so nice to have someone to bounce ideas off each other I appreciate all the time and energy you spend with me!! I'm happy to report business is up during a time when it tends to slow down a bit! Anita V L 7-13-2015

I've known Kim for years and have always really respected her as business woman. When she opened Mandala Success I was just getting ready to open my holistic health studio so I naturally jumped at the chance to be able to work with her as a business coach. I the last year Kim has done team building exercises with my group that have helped me make key employment decisions, helped me set up business management systems that I can adhere to and also cut out the busy work, increased my presentation and advertising knowledge, helped me to understand the importance of networking as well as provide some strategic partnerships. The accountability portion of her program is fantastic as well because having been a small business owner she totally gets the challenges. If you want to take your business to where you dream it could be schedule some time with Kim!     Alexis S. 4-30-2015

Kim is an amazing business coach and leader. She is highly knowledgeable and has been a huge asset to me. Kim is wonderful at making business connections, which is essential to business growth. She connects individuals to help them grow and succeed in their own endeavors. I have personally gained a lot of business knowledge from Kim from time-management skills to tax information and how to run a small business. She brings a wealth of expertise and experiences to everyone she works with. If you want to see your business succeed, I recommend her hands down.  Sarah E.  4-8-2015

Kimberly has helped me to bring my business, EO4Balance essential oil diffuser jewelry, to a new level. At our very first meeting, we connected and I knew that she really SAW me. She understood what I wanted for my business before I could put into words and has helped me focus in and develop so I can reach those goals. She is there for me whenever I need her- short phone calls, looooong emails, and in person meetings. She really listens, and helps me grow into my potential. I highly recommend Kimberly as a business coach, and as a person. I'm so grateful that she's part of my Tribe.   
Connie S.  4-6-2015

Kimberly is just awesome! She is doing a great job in creating a community of people to share what they love on a powerful platform. Thank you for supporting my business and so many others around the valley! You truly are an inspiration! Samantha B-K.  4-2-2015

Kimberly's Mandala Success is the way to get where you want to go. For Business with a future, get ahold of Kimberly.  Erin M.  3-31-2015

From our physical studio days

"Dance is the secret that gives me strength. As an introvert with fairly severe social anxiety, I’m challenged by interactions that most people take for granted, like ordering at restaurants and making small talk at parties. Since I started performing, I’ve found myself facing down my demons: if I can dance at Tribal Fest, I can manage job interviews. If I can spin fire, I can teach a class. When I started dancing, I was unemployed, had few friends, and rarely left the house. Now, I’m working as a molecular biologist, teaching beginning dance classes, managing a tribal fusion troupe, and I feel fit, confident (and pretty stylish!) My approach to life changed in a fundamental way, and I attribute that to the inspiration of the many extraordinary dance teachers I learned from in Tempe, Arizona. I only hope that I can spark that light and that courage in my students now that I live in rural Pennsylvania." ~ Rosie
Just Wonderful. This dance studio is not only run by wonderful people, but it brings in great folks from all walks of life exploring the world of dance and movement. They offer classes everyday except for Sunday and hold workshops regularly with local and national teachers. The energy in this dance studio is just so overwhelmingly good I love stopping in if only to see some people I know and chat while a class is on going. I just can't say enough good things about Plaza De Anaya, I think they give the best opportunity to students and developing dancers to get involved in the dance community or just join in classes to experience all the positive benefits they have to offer (which are a lot :). ~ XurriRose
Warm and welcoming dance studio. This studio made me fall in love with bellydance. I've made a ton of friends, lost weight, become more confident about my body, and had a really fun time dancing here. The Plaza de Anaya teachers are just extraordinary, and the community is welcoming and supportive--if you can't make a class, people will miss you; if you need a ride, someone will be there to help out. I'm so happy to be part of it. ~lithorne
Get signed up with classes, workshops, and shows that Plaza de Anaya offers to the community-it's almost incendiary....put some spice in your life. Come into the Anaya of yourself, and of the tribe at the Plaza. It will be lots of fiery fun. ~ Mehi
Plaza de Anaya has an amazing teaching staff and wonderful area for dance. It is quite a cornerstone of the belly dance community here, acting as the home for the Shimmy Mob practices, as well as a place where many troupes, including the one I belong to, gather to practice! Kim is a warm and welcoming soul and a joy to be around!!  ~ ABAgail
Plaza de Anaya... One of the top 5 reasons to live near Phoenix. (Number one in my books). ~ Anonymous
Whether you are an advanced or intermediate belly dancer, or just trying it out for the first time, Plaza de Anaya is the place to be. The classes are fantastic, the teachers are AMAZING, and the staff are beyond friendly and helpful. There is a real sense of family and sisterhood at Plaza. It will soon become your home away from home. ~ Anonymous
Plaza is really a community. Everyone is so friendly, welcoming and down-to-earth that it is this support system (even more than the excellent quality of teaching and often irresistible retail selection) that keeps me coming back. I seriously could not have picked a better dance home. You guys are the best. ~Anonymous
The Plaza is always welcoming - love it! ~ Jackie
I haven't been there in quite some time due to some health issues. I loved the classes that I did take. The teachers were informative, encouraging and friendly. Even though I was quite older then most of the students, they made me feel at ease. I hope to come back some day. Good Luck and great success in all your endeavors! 
Kimberly is the most receptive studio owner I've ever come across!
   ~ Carolena "  FatChance BellyDance"  
Plaza de Anaya introduced me not only to ATS, but to the community. I have danced in the past, and one of the things that struck me from the beginning is the lack of "primadonnas" within this community. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. Thank you for creating an environment that promotes learning in such a positive, nurturing way. 
This studio is well worth the drive from anywhere in Arizona. I used to drive 3 hours round trip for classes there every week! ~ AJ
Plaza de Anaya is like home to me. Everyone s so sincerely friendly and genuine. The quality of teachers, classes, and staff is second to none. The retail area is beautifully set up and always has new and interesting items to drool over! Love my dance family there!  ~ Jacqueline
Plaza offers a variety of classes that are always so much fun! I love taking classes at Plaza and I recommend taking a class there to anyone interested in trying something new and different!  ~Jane
Very awesome! Made me feel confident and comfortable. Was lots of fun, Im signing up for another class :)  ~Aubrey 6/19/2013 on Yelp
I LOVE Plaza De Anaya!!! Kimberly (the owner) is so sweet...Every time I've walked in that door, everyone  at the counter has always been very nice and welcoming..I have taken some really good workshops and classes there  "WOW"...Every  show and event  there  has  been  amazing l!!!! I've also met some wonderful  people from the dance community  at that stufio..It is home away from home for sure.. Ohhhh and the shopping there is wonderful as well..The  prices for workshops and classes are worth every penny..Not too expensive at all..My best wishes and love to Plaza De Anaya and everyone in it!!!! Your awsome Kimberly!!!!!! Love ya... 
 ~ Adriana 2-12-2012 on Yelp
Truly my home away from home. The owners are so welcoming and supportive while never making you feel pressured to take any certain class or buy certain clothes or anything. I have taken SO many different classes here, and I love the variety...it keeps my dance ADD busy! I live the whole way on the other side of Phoenix, and yet I make that drive 2-3 nights a week, even when I might not feel like it, because I know I will be welcomed and I will see not only friends, but like-minded and beautiful, talented women there. Kimberly and Tiffany (the owners) offer so much more than just weekly classes: there are open jam and dance nights for drummers and dancers alike, Aura (blacklights, techno, hookah, awesome), workshops from some of the biggest names in bellydance, and lots of opportunities for performance watching and participation. Then there is the store. Amazing. Always new clothing that will seriously attract your "shiny" attention, as well as accessories and props of every kind.
Can you tell I'm hooked? Just come for one week of unlimited classes, which is one of their class card specials, and you will be hooked too! ~
Jaimie 11-27-2010 on Yelp
Plaza de Anaya is a family for local belly dancers.  Its ran by two of the greatest ladies Kim and Tiff, who support the local dancers and put on great shows to showcase local dancers. You couldn't ask for a better place to learn to dance they keep it exciting and new with the different classes they offer. There is always a chance to learn the basics of belly dance, cabaret belly dance, tribal belly dance, ATS, hip hop, Polynesian, Bollywood, Poi, Fire Arts, Skirt, Sword the list can go on. I highly recommend checking out the studio.  I would also suggest stopping in just to shop not only do they have some of the best belly dance wear out there, the jewelry case is  brimming with pretties that everyone can wear.  ~ Becka 11-19-2010  on Yelp
Plaza is my home away from home! The atmosphere is so warm (not just because of all the dancers-lol) and comforting. It is certainly a smorgasbord of dance, music, laughter, and just pure love, for the art of the dance language and "sisterhood." If you haven't been here before, you need to stop in, even if only to see the merchandise (mucho variety!!!!). ~ Danna 10-21-2010 on Yelp
You can't help but feel welcomed at Plaza de Anaya.  It's THE best studio for bellydance.  And Kimberly & Tiffany are the BOMB!!  All the instructors are fantastic.  Great classes.  Plenty of opportunity to learn different styles of bellydance as well as other classes such as Bollywood, Hip Hop, and Poi, from time to time.  There are performances from student recitals to professional dancers. And various workshops lead by not only local instructors, but world renowned instructors.  You definately want to check this place out! ~
Anyanka 10-4-2010 on Yelp
I had taken some belly dance, but in a much smaller setting.  I am overweight and older, so I was nervous to try a new belly dance class venue, but Plaza de Anaya is great!  Very welcoming of all levels of students, with a great dance floor, excellent instructors and a strong community feeling.  Now I'm addicted.  I can tell this is a great place for the more advanced dancers as well, and they host workshops with famous dancers from around the country.  Highly recommended! ~ Rose 8-10-2010 on Yelp
Plaza de Anaya ROCKS - I have taken several classes and workshops there.  The instructors are all very helpful and it is a real chill and fun way to learn about the art of belly dancing!  The people that take classes help everyone fit right in and feel like you belong.  If you have ever wanted to take a dance class, any age, any size, anybody can do this and have fun!!! ~ Tricia 8-1-2010
This studio made me fall in love with bellydance.  I've made a ton of friends, lost weight, become more confident about my body, and had a really fun time dancing here.  The Plaza de Anaya teachers are just extraordinary, and the community is welcoming and supportive--if you can't make a class, people will miss you; if you need a ride, someone will be there to help out.  I'm so happy to be part of it. ~ Rosemary 7-30-2010
How awesome is Plaza de Anaya? It's so awesome that I drive up there from Tucson at least once a week! The owners are sweet, helpful, and supportive of their fellow dancers. They've collected a huge amount of Phoenix-area dance talent to teach a stunning variety of classes, everything from belly dance fundamentals to advanced tribal style to palm flames. The class offerings change a bit in each 8-week session, so there's always something new to learn.  In addition to the 8-week class sessions, they frequently offer workshops, both from local teachers offering a little something extra, and from big-name dancers that they bring in. Add to that numerous community events for dancers and musicians, and there's pretty much never a weekend where there's not something fun to do at the studio. And the shopping... wow! Plaza de Anaya offers a huge selection of costuming separates, mostly appropriate for tribal and fusion style dancers, and a lot of stuff that is great for class wear/student recital wear, too. There's also bindis, hair clips, jewelry and other great accessories. New stock comes in often, and if you're looking for a specific size and color, they're always happy to order it for you. Prices are comparable to shopping on-line, sometimes even better, and you can try it on before you buy. Add all this together and you get a dance destination that is well worth the drive from anywhere in the state of AZ, even if it's just to drop in for a workshop or a bit of retail therapy. I hope I'll see you there!  
~AJ  5-26-2010 on Yelp
I have done a variety of dance styles at a variety of studios and class settings.  The key to any dance form is having support--support from your teachers, classmates, and the studio at large.  I know from experience just how intimidating trying a new thing is, and belly dancing was completely different from anything else I had done.  I've taken a couple of belly dance classes, which ended up being awful.  The teachers couldn't teach or were more interested in just dancing.  This is not true of the teachers at Plaza de Anaya.  Each teacher is a real gem, gifted with unique dance style and plenty of character!  Each one is invested in her students and really helps you to achieve your dance goals.  The studio itself is gorgeous!  I have never seen one so lovely!  Kim and Tiffany have done an amazing job on creating a beautiful place to dance.  Not only that, but they have some exquisite garb and costume pieces for sale!  The studio is the first place I look for buying dance clothes.  If you've never danced before I highly recommend either Mia Donna's or K-Lee's basic/foundational belly dance classes.  Both teachers excel at breaking down the moves into easy and accessible chunks.  Even if you have danced before, I highly suggest taking their classes.  If you feel up to something a little more challenging but wholly beautiful, try Lenay's ATS class on Fridays.  This class will really get in you in touch with all the muscles of your body.  ATS (American Tribal Style) is proud, beautiful and graceful, pulling from tribal dance traditions from around the world.  This studio has more to offer than just dance classes too.  There are props classes, poi and staff classes, drumming, and sometimes even yoga.  The sessions are dictated by what the community likes, which is very cool.  So come down and dance with us!  We love to see new faces and will do everything we can to help you reach your dance goals, be it just for exercise or for performance! ~
Kaely 5-26-2010 on Yelp
This is a really really great dance studio. They have all kinds of dance and a great variety of bellydance classes. Performance opportunities for students, semi-professionals and professionals a like. They bring in wonderful national and international artists for performances and workshops. They also have a really nice selection of dance wear for all styles. Not to mention the owners are really wonderful women and dancers themselves. Please check it out if you have any interest in world dances and dance fusion! ~
Amanda 5-17-2010
This studio is the top of the line in education and they offer many unique programs you can't find anywhere else! Their store is also a completely original thing of beauty!  You're find original and hand made clothing and products that are not available anywhere else! 
Nathan 4-21-2010 on Yelp
I love Plaza de Anaya!!! The studio is beautiful and Tiff and Kimberly are so amazing!  The dance teachers there are all excellent and the studio provides a varity of styles so we never get bored!  There is a great community and feeling of friendship at the studio that I encourage everyone to come and experience!
~Sarah 4-21-2010 on Yelp
This place is not only pretty to step into, it makes you feel as if you've been transported to another time and place with ethnic wares for sale, bellydance music, videos, costuming and instruction and a real cozy community feeling. Staff is friendly, informative and instructors are kind and knowledgeable. ~
Lucy 3-19-2010 on Yelp
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