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Lotus Om Wooden Earrings

Items available are shown in the above picture, except the large bloodwood & cherry
which are now out of stock. Please put in comments what you would like.

Some scholars hold Om to be the "Cosmic Sound" or " the affirmation to something divine". Believed to be the sound of life and present in the vibration of all living things. It is not specific to any religion or culture, but used by many and adapted to suit practices of many faiths over the years.

Lightweight wooden earrings with the lotus om symbol laser etched on then hand finished. Choose from maple, cherry, bloodwood or walnut.

Due to the nature of the designs and how they are crafted, there will be slight variations in design, markings, color, size from what may be shown in picture, but only slight.

The information, culture, history of items have been researched and information is presented to the best of our knowledge, if you have other info to share please emails us at the below email.


Wood Options:


Maple is typically a creamy white with a slight reddish brown tone, it typically has a close, fine, uniform texture and typically is a straight grain.
Whether you believe it or not, some say the Gypsies believed Maple wood brought gold into one's life. If after wearing these wealth comes your way make sure to give thanks to the maple.

Named for its deep blood red color, bloodwood can also range from dark orange to a deep reddish brown. The grain is usually straight or slightly interlocked. It’s strength, hardness & coloration make it a crimson favorite.

Cherry wood has very interesting characteristics because of small gum pockets, pine knots and figures that are commonly seen in cherry wood. Cherry wood grain is more subdued than other hardwoods. Did you know it comes from the rose family?

Walnut wood has a rich chocolate brown coloring with typically straight darker streaks throughout. It is said walnut wood worn helps with clarity & focus.

Wooden handcrafted jewelry & gift designs by Stacey of JnE Labs. Laser cut / etched from fine woods he creates one of a kind pieces of art. Light weight earrings, necklaces to lathe worked bottle toppers.  

Stacey Reeve is a Canadian native who has set his roots in the valley of the sun and is the lead designer for JnE Labs LLC. He has earned a reputation for designing unique hand crafted jewelry and household items using a variety of mediums including wood, metal and glass. By day Stacey is software developer, but his true passion will always remain in creating one of a kind designs for his loyal clients. Stacey has been featured as one of the highlighted artists at Plaza Studio where he quickly gained fans of his work who continue to wait for his next coveted creation. As a favorite artist among many local dancers, Stacey incorporates genuine Swarovski Crystals in many of his wood design earrings to give his pieces an added touch of feminine glamour. He believes deeply in representing and supporting all cultures and beliefs, so symbols are often found in his work to appeal to a wide variety of clients. His work never disappoints.
Wooden handcrafted jewelry & gift designs by Stacey of JnE Labs. Laser cut / etched from fine woods he creates one of a kind pieces of art. Light weight earrings, necklaces to lathe worked bottle toppers.  All beautiful woods used, cherry, bloodwood, Walnut, bubinga.  Custom work is available.

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