Edelweiss Wooden Earrings with Bling


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Edelweiss Wooden Earrings with Bling

A special design by Stacey for JnE Labs

One yellow bling small & One red bling large design LEFT!

Did you know love struck male suitors use to put their lives at risk to collect Edelweiss, the "Ultimate Love Charm", for the object of their affections? 
Edelweiss grew in hard to access crags and ledges in the High Alpine of Europe. Though some did perish attempting these feats, to be successful showed the suitor was brave, able bodied and serious in his intentions. Thus men often would wear Edelweiss as a "Metal of Honor".  

We offer you the Edelweiss without the danger! Lightweight, comfortable to wear and bling of your choice!

Such a gorgeous handmade design of the edelweiss flower laser cut and etched in lightweight wood with bling.  

Stacey Reeve is a Canadian native who has set his roots in the valley of the sun and is the lead designer for JnE Labs LLC. He has earned a reputation for designing unique hand crafted jewelry and household items using a variety of mediums including wood, metal and glass. By day Stacey is software developer, but his true passion will always remain in creating one of a kind designs for his loyal clients. Stacey has been featured as one of the highlighted artists at Plaza Studio where he quickly gained fans of his work who continue to wait for his next coveted creation. As a favorite artist among many local dancers, Stacey incorporates genuine Swarovski Crystals in many of his wood design earrings to give his pieces an added touch of feminine glamour. He believes deeply in representing and supporting all cultures and beliefs, so  symbols are often found in his work to appeal to a wide variety of clients. His work never disappoints.


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