June Contest 2017

June Contest 2017
For the month of June, post pictures of yourself with merchandise you have purchased from Plaza Studio.

Post them in social media, on Your Pages / Feed, Kimberly Hewitt - Plaza Studio and / or Plaza Peeps group page.

It doesn’t matter if it was purchased in the physical studio, online, ebay or at a festival. 

You do not “need” to be in the picture, though it is more fun!


Post it on any social media with a hashtag #PlazaStudio

Include the website

In the appropriate social media put the @ in front to tag @PlazaStudio




We’d also love it if you would give the product or us a positive shout out, but not necessary.


One entry per day,
One use of an item you've purchased,
But you can do as many posts as Plaza Studio items you have and June has 30 days!

We will be giving you examples from last year’s contest all throughout May.
Though some examples weren't done perfectly, we are hoping we made it a little clearer this year.

2016 Winner!


There will be three winners for 2017

We want you to win something you will enjoy, so for May we will be asking what you would like to win from our Facebook Plaza Studio Merchandise Album (also found on website under Everything tab)

Give us your feedback on what you would like to win as a prize by putting “want” in the comments of that picture. 
We will chose 3 items that get the most “wants”.

Here is your link to check it out the album and give us your input:  Click Here


Each product post will be entered into a bowl to be drawn in July, the more post the more chance to win, one prize per person.

Click Here to see last years drawing

We may use some pictures and reviews on the website, if you would prefer them not to be used just let us know.

JnE Labs items excluded from being a prize. 
Prize selection subject to availability. 
Plaza Studio will choose the items that seem to have the most interest and will work for the majority.


There are no products to list in this category.