June Contest

For the month of June, post pictures of yourself with merchandise you have purchased from Plaza Studio.

Recent examples (not posted for the contest, but we love them!)
See rules for specifics your post need to have to be an entry 


Post them on social media, we are most active on Facebook & Instagram, but if you tag us and # we should see it.

It doesn’t matter when or where it was purchased, in the physical studio, online, ebay or at a festival. 

You do not “need” to be in the picture, though it is more fun!


Post it on social media with a hashtag #PlazaStudio  
(without the #PlazaStudio we may not see your post!) 

It may also help if you "Check in" with Plaza Studio as your "location".

If we do not comment on your post we have not seen it, please message us to insure we see it!  
We don't want to miss anyone's post for entry!

Include the website www.Plaza-Studio.com

In the appropriate social media put the @ in front to tag @PlazaStudio




We’d also love it if you would give the product or us a positive shout out, but not necessary.


One entry per day,
One use of an item you've purchased,
But you can do as many posts as Plaza Studio items you have and June has 30 days!
One prize per person

2018 Prize choices!
Which do you want to WIN! 1, 2 or 3?

Tell us in your first post

If you forgot go to tell us your preference go to the Plaza Studio Facebook Business page and comment under the pinned contest post. 




Here are the Winners of the 2017 Plaza Studio June Contest!

Thank you all who participated!



This was 2017 prizes!


2016 Winner!



Each post will be entered into a bowl to be drawn in July, the more posts the more chances to win,
one prize per person.


2017 options with descriptions


Go to our Facebook Plaza Studio page to add in the comments your preference order of prizes!

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The picture below is where you need to post in the comments, it should be pinned to the top of the page.


Click Here to see last years drawing

We may use some pictures and reviews on the website, if you would prefer them not to be used just let us know.

Prize selection subject to availability. 

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